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2021-2022 Archived Catalog 
2021-2022 Archived Catalog

COMG-168F PCs Windows/Modems/Internet

Credits 0.5 / 0.5 Contact Hours
Prerequisite: Placement into RDNG-016  (ACSR-016) Prerequisite:COMI-160  or COMG-153  
This module is designed to give beginners hands-on practice installing a computer operating system and establish computer communication. Students will install a Windows operating system and configure a computer to access the Internet.

Course Outcomes
1. Acquire knowledge on the functionality of hardware components (modems and network card) within a microcomputer 2. Understand how Windows operating system manages hardware resources 3. Explain how computers communicate with each other via modem technology 4. Learn the characteristics of different Windows operating systems 5. Demonstrate the ability to configure a computer to access the Internet and learn about various communication protocols