2016-2017 Archived Catalog 
    Apr 25, 2019  
2016-2017 Archived Catalog

Course Descriptions

Credits and Course Numbering

Courses numbered 001-099 are designed for students to acquire basic skills necessary for successful college work.

Courses numbered 100-299 are college level courses and are usually transferable to senior colleges. Not all courses are offered every semester. Also, new courses or seminars may have been developed and may not be in this catalog's listing.


Dental Assisting

   •  DAST-130C Operative Techniques III Clinical

Dental Hyg/Dental Assisting

   •  DHDA-114 Dental Radiography
   •  DHDA-114L Dental Radiography Lab

Dental Hygiene

   •  DHYG-102 Aspects of Infection & Hazard Control in Dentistry
   •  DHYG-103 Oral Radiographic Interpretation
   •  DHYG-113 Oral Radiology
   •  DHYG-114 Oral Radiography Lab
   •  DHYG-115 Head Neck and Oral Anatomy Lecture
   •  DHYG-117 Dental Anatomy and Histology
   •  DHYG-120 Oral Disease Prevention
   •  DHYG-121 Dental Hygiene I
   •  DHYG-121L Dental Hygiene I Lab
   •  DHYG-122 Dental Hygiene II
   •  DHYG-122C Dental Hygiene II Clinic
   •  DHYG-124 Nutrition
   •  DHYG-125 Dental Pharmacology
   •  DHYG-140 Periodontics
   •  DHYG-180 Pain Management
   •  DHYG-180L Pain Management Lab
   •  DHYG-212 General and Oral Pathology
   •  DHYG-221 Dental Hygiene III
   •  DHYG-221C Dental Hygiene III Clinic
   •  DHYG-224 Dental Hygiene IV
   •  DHYG-224C Dental Hygiene IV Clinical
   •  DHYG-227 Ethics and Current Topics
   •  DHYG-232 Community Dental Health I
   •  DHYG-233 Community Dental Health II
   •  DHYG-234 Dental Materials for Dental Hygiene
   •  DHYG-234L Dental Materials for Dental Hygiene Lab

Early Childhood Education

   •  ECED-100 Intro to Early Childhood Education
   •  ECED-103 Professional Ethics Early Childhood Educ
   •  ECED-104 CDA Completion
   •  ECED-105 School Age Development and Education
   •  ECED-110 Applied Child Development & Family Engagement
   •  ECED-111 CDA Fieldwork Experiences I
   •  ECED-112 CDA Fieldwork Experiences II
   •  ECED-190 Literacy and Numeracy
   •  ECED-199 Guidance and Discipline
   •  ECED-200 Early Childhood Learning Environments
   •  ECED-201 Curriculum Planning in Early Childhood
   •  ECED-202 Admin of Programs for Young Children
   •  ECED-203 Learning Env: Infants and Toddlers
   •  ECED-204 Infant and Toddler Curriculum Planning
   •  ECED-205 Field Work
   •  ECED-206 Infant & Toddler Fieldwork Practicum
   •  ECED-210 Child Observation & Assessment

Early Childhood Special Needs

   •  ECES-203 Young Children With Special Needs
   •  ECES-204 Adapt Early Child Curricula-Special Need The Special Needs Child
   •  ECES-206 Principles & Techniques of Behavior Management
   •  ECES-207 Legal/Social Issues of the Special Needs Child
   •  ECES-208 Learning Environment for the Special Needs Child
   •  ECES-209 Field Experience in the Area of Special Needs


   •  ECON-101 Financial Literacy
   •  ECON-125 Personal Money Management
   •  ECON-221 Principles of Economics (Macroeconomics)
   •  ECON-222 Principles of Economics (Microeconomics)


   •  ELEC-101 Introduction to Elec. Systems
   •  ELEC-109 The Exotic World of Embedded Systems
   •  ELEC-110 Electrical Industry Orientation
   •  ELEC-131 Residential Electrical Wiring
   •  ELEC-133 Electrical Circuits
   •  ELEC-135 Electronic Components and Applications
   •  ELEC-139 Logical Control Systems
   •  ELEC-139A Hard Contact and TTL Device Logic
   •  ELEC-139B PLC-Level 1
   •  ELEC-139C Microcontroller Fundamentals
   •  ELEC-140 Electrical Principles of Fire Alarm and Safety Systems
   •  ELEC-150 National Electrical Code
   •  ELEC-151 Sizing of Commercial/Industrial Electrical Systems
   •  ELEC-155 Electric Motors Transformers and Power
   •  ELEC-170 Modern Industrial Robotics I
   •  ELEC-171 Modern Industrial Robotics II
   •  ELEC-231 Fundamentals of Labview
   •  ELEC-233 Embedded Controllers
   •  ELEC-236 Industrial Automation and Control
   •  ELEC-237 Electronics Communications


   •  ENGR-242 Principles of Engineering Materials
   •  ENGR-247 Vector Mechanics I
   •  ENGR-248 Mechanics of Deformable Solids
   •  ENGR-249 Vector Mechanics II


   •  ENGL-099 Foundations of College Writing
   •  ENGL-100 College Reading and Study Skills
   •  ENGL-101 English Composition I
   •  ENGL-102 English Composition II
   •  ENGL-103 Composition for Technical Fields I
   •  ENGL-104 Composition for Technical Fields II
   •  ENGL-112 Reading for College Courses
   •  ENGL-200 English Grammar
   •  ENGL-205 Creative Writing
   •  ENGL-210 Childrens Literature
   •  ENGL-211 Introduction to Storytelling Literature
   •  ENGL-212 Adolescent Literature
   •  ENGL-220 World Literature
   •  ENGL-221 Introduction to Literature
   •  ENGL-222 Science Fiction
   •  ENGL-223 American Black Literature
   •  ENGL-225 Poetry
   •  ENGL-227 Fiction
   •  ENGL-231 American Literature
   •  ENGL-232 Modern American Literature

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