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2016-2017 Archived Catalog 
2016-2017 Archived Catalog

DHYG-233 Community Dental Health II

Credits 1 / 1 Contact Hours
Prerequisite: Placement into ENGL-100 (ACSR-100), or successful completion of RDNG-030, ACLT-075, or ACLT-076; Program Eligibility Requirements. Note: Coordinator’s signature required to register in this course.
This course is designed to help the senior dental DHYG-232 about assessing, planning, implementing and evaluating a dental health program for as assigned community of people. The course provides opportunity for assessment of dental health needs for diverse populations. Students will work in groups to visit assigned centers and develop and carry out a dental health program during the semester. Evaluation of this course will be through development of a project for a target population, site valuation, and self-evaluation.