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2015-2016 Archived Catalog 
2015-2016 Archived Catalog


Mott Community College Board of Trustees and President

MCC Board of Trustees

Background: Albert Koegel, Treasurer • Michael Freeman, Trustee • Matthew Norwood, Trustee • John Snell, Jr., D.V.M., Vice Chair • Rafael Turner, Trustee • Sally Shaheen Joseph, Secretary
 Foreground: Beverly Walker-Griffea, Ph.D., President • Lenore Croudy, Chair

Where to Go for What

What Who Where Telephone
Academic Advising - Main Campus Declared Majors PCC2040 (810) 762-0331
  Apprentice, Business, Fine Arts, Health Sciences, Humanities, Science & Math, Social Sciences, Technology Undecided/General Studies PCC2030 (810) 762-0111
Academic Advising - Extension Centers Lapeer Extension Center LAPR (810) 667-4166
  Northern Tier Extension Center - Clio NTC (810) 232-8044
  Southern Lakes Branch Center - Fenton SLBC (810) 762-5000
Admission Information - Admissions PCC2140 (810) 762-0315
Athletics Athletics Office BFH (810) 762-0417
Books and Supplies College Store PCC1010 (810) 762-5603
Campus Tours Admissions Office PCC2140 (810) 762-0482
College Information Center Student Services Online MCC Answer (810) 762-0200
Career Resource Center Counseling & Student Development PCC2050 (810) 762-0250
Cashier Cashier’s Office PCCLL (810) 762-0200
Child Care MI School Readiness Program (4 yr. olds) Woodside Church (810) 239-0046
  Head Start (810) 235-5613
Clinical Sites Genesys Convalescent Center GCON 8481 N. Holly Rd. Gr B (810) 694-1711
  Genesys Regional Medical Center GRMC 1 Genesys Pkwy. Gr Bl (810) 606-5000
  Gr Bl Rehabilitation & Nursing Center GBRNC 11941 S. Belsay Rd. Gr Bl (810) 694-1970
  H-Care HCARE 1214 N. Ballenger Hwy. Flint (810) 694-1970
  Hurley Regional Medical Center HRMC 1 Hurley Plaza Flint (810) 257-9000
  Lapeer County Medical Care Facility LRMCF 1455 Suncrest Dr. Lapeer (810) 664-8571
  Lapeer Regional Medical Center LRMC 1375 N. Main Lapeer (810) 667-5500
  McLaren Regional Medical Center MRMC 401 S. Ballenger Hwy. Flint (810) 342-2000
  Owosso Memorial Hospital OWOS 826 W. King St. Owosso (989) 723-5211
  Pulmonary Associates PASS G-3252 Beecher Rd. Flint Twsp. (810) 230-0729
  University of Michigan UM 1500 E. Medical Center Dr. Ann Arbor (734) 936-4000
Clubs and Activities Student Life PCC1240 (810) 762-0045
Commencement Academic Affairs CM1001 (810) 762-0237
Community Technology Centers Workforce Edu. Ctr. - Garfield G. Wagner, Jr. Bldg. 709 N. Saginaw Street, Flint (810) 785-3300
  Disability Network CTC 3600 South Dort Highway Flint (810) 232-2467
  Great Lakes Baptist CTC 5905 North Saginaw St. Flint (810) 232-4975
  Hispanic Technology & Community Center 2101 Lewis Street, Flint (810) 424-3760
  One Stop Technology Center - Workforce Education Center 709 North Saginaw St. (810) 232-8915
Computer Labs Information Technology Services CM1208 (810) 767-4357
Conference & Events Services CM1308 (810) 762-5906
Copy Machines Auxiliary Services (810) 762-0528
Continuing Education Community Ed., Health Programs, Corporate Services, Employment Services SLBC1018 (810) 762-0587
Counseling - Main Campus Counseling PCC2030 (810) 762-0111
Counseling - Extension Centers Lapeer Extension Center LAPR (810) 667-4166
  Northern Tier Extension Center - Clio NTC (810) 232-8044
  Southern Lakes Branch Center - Fenton SLBC (810) 762-5000
DisAbility Services PCC2280 (Voice/TTY) (810) 762-0399
Dropping & Adding Records & Registration PCCLL (810) 762-0221
Dual Enrollment Admissions PCC2140 (810) 762-0255
e-Learning e-Learning Office CM2124 (810) 762-0224
Emergency Calls Public Safety PS200 (Voice/TTY) (810) 762-5666
First Aid Emergency Response CM1146 (810) 762-5667
Financial Aid Student Financial Services PCCLL (810) 762-0144
Food on Campus Applewood Cafe’ Prahl College Center PCC1250 (810) 232-7845
  Bear Bistro 1st Floor Curtice-Mott Complex (between the two wings) (810) 232-2864
  Vending Machines Various Locations across campus
Gateway to College PCC 2020 (810) 762-5172
Graduation Records & Registration PCCLL (810) 762-0225
Health Services Public Safety CM1146 (810) 762-5667
ID Cards Cashier’s Office PCCLL (810) 762-0200
Lapeer Extension Center Main Office LAPR (810) 667-4166
Library Mott Library ML (810) 762-0411
Livingston Center - Howell LIV (517) 552-2163
Lost and Found Public Safety PS200 (810) 762-0222
Media Relations Marketing & Public Information CM1025 (810) 762-0455
Northern Tier Extension Center - Clio Main Office NTC (810) 232-8044
Orientation Counseling and Student Development PCC2270 (810) 762-0377
Placement Testing - Main Campus Counseling and Student Development PCC2010 (810) 762-0372
Placement Testing - Extension Centers Northern Tier Extension Center - Clio NTC (810) 686-9703
  Lapeer Extension Center LAPR (810) 667-4166
  Southern Lakes Branch Center - Fenton SLBC (810) 762-5000
Public Safety Public Safety PS200 (Voice/TTY) (810) 762-0222
Records Records & Registration PCCLL (810) 762-0221
Refunds Cashier’s Office PCCLL (810) 762-0221
Registrar Records & Registration PCCLL (810) 762-0200
Registration Records & Registration PCCLL (810) 762-0221
Safety Public Safety PS200 (810) 762-0222
Scholarships Student Financial Services PCCLL (810) 762-0144
School Closing Information (810) 232-8989
Southern Lakes Branch Center - Fenton Main Office SLBC1001 (810) 762-5000
Special Needs Resources DisAbility Services PCC 2280 (Voice/TTY) (810) 762-0399
Special Populations PCC 2280 (810) 762-5118
Student Employment Center Workforce Development PCC2020 (810) 232-3285
Student Government Student Life Office PCC1240 (810) 762-0045
Student Services Student Services Office PCC1130 (810) 762-0243
Student Support Services PCC 2280 (810) 762-5118
Testing Center Mott Library ML (810) 762-0406
Transcripts Records & Registration PCCLL (810) 762-0200
Tuition & Bills Cashier’s Office PCCLL (810) 762-0221
Tutorial Services Learning Center PCC 2280 (Voice/TTY) (810) 762-0376
Upward Bound PCC 2280 (810) 762-5117
Veterans Information Records & Registration PCCLL (810) 762-5632
Veterans Resource Center Student Life PCC (810) 235-5257
Withdrawal from College Counseling and Student Development PCC2030 (810) 762-0111
Workforce Development Workforce Education Center - Garfield G. Wagner, Jr. Bldg (810) 232-2555
Writing Assistance Writing Center CM2031 (810) 762-0229

Campus Maps

Academic Calendar

2013-2014 Calendar
  Date Day Event
Fall 2013 (2014/2) August 28 Wednesday Faculty Report
  September 2 Monday Labor Day
  September 3 Tuesday Classes begin
  September 30 Monday Late-Start semester classes begin
  October 23 Wednesday First half semester classes end
  October 24 Thursday Second half semester classes begin
  Nov 28 - Dec 1 Thursday - Sunday Thanksgiving recess
  December 18 Wednesday Classes end
  December 20 Friday Final grades due
Winter 2014 (2014/3) January 8 Wednesday Faculty Report
January 11 Saturday Classes begin
  January 20 Monday Martin Luther King Day-classes dismissed
  February 10 Monday Late-Start semester classes begin
  March 5 Wednesday First half semester classes end
  March 6 Thursday Second half semester classes begin
  March 10 - March 16 Monday - Sunday Spring recess
  May 2 Friday Classes end
  May 3 Saturday Commencement
  May 5 Monday Final grades due
Spring 2014 (2014/4) May 7 Wednesday Classes begin
May 19 Monday Late-Start semester classes begin
  May 26 Monday Memorial Day - classes dismissed
  June 27 Friday Classes end
  June 30 Monday Final grades due
  August 21 Thursday Late-Start session classes end
Summer 2014 (2015/1) June 30 Monday Classes begin
July 4 Friday Independence Day Holiday - classes dismissed
  August 21 Thursday Classes end
  August 25 Monday Final grades due
2014-2015 Calendar
  Date Day Event
Fall 2014 (2015/2) August 27 Wednesday Faculty Report
  September 1 Monday Labor Day
  September 2 Tuesday Classes begin
  September 29 Monday Late-Start semester classes begin
  October 22 Wednesday First half semester classes end
  October 23 Thursday Second half semester classes begin
  Nov 27 - Nov 30 Thursday - Sunday Thanksgiving recess
  December 17 Wednesday Classes end
  December 19 Friday Final grades due
Winter 2015 (2015/3) January 7 Wednesday Faculty Report
January 10 Saturday Classes begin
  January 19 Monday Martin Luther King Day-classes dismissed
  February 9 Monday Late-Start semester classes begin
  March 4 Wednesday First half semester classes end
  March 5 Thursday Second half semester classes begin
  March 9 - March 15 Monday - Sunday Spring recess
  May 1 Friday Classes end
  May 2 Saturday Commencement
  May 4 Monday Final grades due
Spring 2015 (2015/4) May 6 Wednesday Classes begin
May 18 Monday Late-Start semester classes begin
  May 25 Monday Memorial Day - classes dismissed
  June 28 Friday Classes end
  June 29 Monday Final grades due
  August 20 Thursday Late-Start session classes end
Summer 2015 (2016/1) June 29 Monday Classes begin
July 3 Friday Independence Day Holiday - classes dismissed
  August 20 Thursday Classes end
  August 24 Monday Final grades due

Greetings from the President

Dr. Beverly Walker-Griffea, Ph.D.

Greetings from MCC President Beverly Walker-Griffea.


Welcome to Mott Community College! We are excited to have you here and are committed to your success. Whether you are a first-time college student, returning student or looking for personal enrichment, MCC is the place to start building your future.

An MCC education will take you wherever you want to go. You will learn from faculty who are leaders in their fields. You have extensive transfer and occupational degree and certificate programs to choose from. Additionally, MCC offers convenient locations, small class sizes, and personalized attention, all of which are designed to ensure your success.

To help make your experience at MCC as stress-free as possible, we have taken great care to make this catalog an excellent resource for you to use. Please take the time to browse through it. It is a guidepost to walk you through your academic career at MCC. But if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. Every staff and faculty member is here to help. We want to make sure your experience at Mott Community College will be rewarding, enriching, and successful.

I hope you will enjoy your time at Mott College - and I expect to see you at graduation when you complete your studies!


Dr. Beverly Walker-Griffea, President


Mission Statement

The mission of Mott Community College is to provide high quality, accessible and affordable educational opportunities and services that cultivate student success and individual development and improve the overall quality of life in a multicultural community.

The Foundation for Mott Community College

Mission Statement:

The major purpose of the Foundation for MCC is to acquire and distribute resources to students, faculty and staff. It was established in 1986, and offers resources for broader opportunities at MCC than would be available solely from traditional income sources. The Foundation’s purposes include:

  • Provides scholarships and grants to deserving students
  • Funds special projects involving economic development, education and training
  • Strengthens existing educational programs and identifies and develops new career programs
  • Promotes professional development for faculty and staff
  • Promotes educational, literary, and scientific activities of MCC
  • Encourages greater community involvement
  • Helping MCC to help itself.

The Foundation for MCC is a non-profit corporation governed by a board of community volunteers. It is tax-exempt, and the Internal Revenue Service has ruled that gifts to the Foundation are tax deductible. Contributions may be made by gifts of cash, real or personal property, securities, by provision of a will, or by establishment of trusts. Gifts may be awarded for specific purposes or given without restrictions for use.


The history of Mott Community College spans more than 90 years of success and service. In 1923, the Flint Board of Education established Flint Junior College to make a college education available to Genesee County students at a minimal cost without forcing them to leave home. On September 23, 1923, the first class of what would become Mott Community College was held.

Charles Stewart Mott

Charles Stewart Mott

In 1950 Charles Stewart Mott gave $1 million to develop Flint Junior College into a four-year institution in collaboration with the University of Michigan, a move that created the College and Cultural Center (including the DeWaters Art Center, the Flint Institute of Arts, Longway Planetarium, Bower Theater, Sloan Museum, Whiting Auditorium, Flint Institute of Music and the Flint Public Library main branch). In 1951, William Ballenger, Sr. set aside $200,000 for the construction of an athletic field house and left a trust of several million dollars that allowed the college to hire top quality instructors to elevate Flint Junior College to a true community college. C. S. Mott then donated 32 acres of farmland and additional money for an entire new campus.

In 1957, University of Michigan-Flint was established on the MCC campus and remained here until the mid-1970s when its new downtown campus was established (although UM-F science classes remained at MCC for another decade and UM-F’s public TV station remained on the MCC campus until 2002).

In 1969, Genesee County voters converted Flint Junior College into a countywide college, Genesee Community College. When C.S. Mott died in 1973 (at age 97) Genesee Community College was renamed Charles Stewart Mott Community College.

The 1980s saw MCC enter the computer age. Student registration was fully computerized and classes were offered by television. By the mid-1990s classes were offered via videotape, television and the Internet, and satellite campuses opened in Lapeer and Fenton. In 1991, MCC helped establish the Mott Middle College, a nationally recognized program for troubled but talented high school students in the Genesee County area.

In 1996 MCC began development of the Regional Technology Center (RTC), a center for high-technology education built on the site of the old St. Joseph Hospital, adjacent to the main campus. The $40-million facility opened in September 2002 and drew more than 1,300 students its first semester. In addition, thousands of area residents have attended community events at the new RTC. At the same time, Mott College opened its Visual Arts & Design Center, offering a first quality facility for the fine arts and graphic design. Three community technology centers were also established in Flint to help bridge the “digital divide.” In 2001, MCC expanded to Livingston County, opening a Michigan Technical Education Center in Howell. In 2002, MCC also opened a new center in Clio to serve students in the northern part of Genesee County. This center was so successful (enrollment rose from 400 to 1,100 students in the first few years) that a new larger facility was opened in January 2007. The year 2010 saw the opening of a Media Arts & Entertainment Technology Center, providing professional-quality technical training for a wide variety of media-related careers.

Today, Mott College has an enrollment of more than 12,000 students and offers more than 100 degree and certificate programs in a wide range of areas, including Health Sciences, Criminal Justice, Culinary Arts, Computer Science, Business, Technology and many more.

Academic Organization of the College

The Academic area of the College is headed by the Vice-President of Academic Affairs, Dr. Amy Fugate. The different areas of study are organized into seven divisions.

Business Division

An educational setting where faculty, students, and staff create a positive learning experience delivered in a personal environment. Our academic business programs maintain the highest level of excellence.

Our two-year occupational and career programs are dedicated to preparing graduates who are able to make sound business decisions, participate actively in global economics, respond to technological changes, communicate effectively, and affirm a core array of values and ethical practices.

Business Division CM 2133
Phone: (810) 762-0429
Fax: (810) 762-0301

Counseling and Student Development Division

MCC Counselors provide small group counseling and instruction to assist students with their educational, vocational and personal development. Career, occupational, educational, health, and personal counseling are provided by licensed, professional counselors. Courses taught by counselors may be used in fulfilling the requirements for an associate’s degree.

Some courses may transfer to other colleges and universities. Courses are offered in:

  • Assertive Communication
  • Career Exploration and Decision Making
  • College Survival Skills
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Interpersonal/Multicultural Communication
  • Job-seeking Skills
  • Job-seeking Skills Using Social Media
  • Leadership and Group Techniques
  • Stress Management
  • Study and Learning Skills

For an Appointment Call: Counseling Center Prahl College Center PCC2030 (810) 762-0111

Fine Arts and Social Sciences Division

The Fine Arts & Social Sciences (FASS) Division includes many exciting programs and courses, meeting the diverse goals of Mott Community College students. We have a broad range of classes which meet General Education requirements in Social Sciences (SOC), Humanities (HUM) and Information Technology (INT).

Fine Arts and Social Sciences Main Division Office: MMB2005
Phone: (810) 762-0332 (810) 762-0459
Fax: (810) 762-5670

Fine Art Office: VADC100
Phone: (810) 762-0443
Fax: (810) 232-3452

Health Sciences Division

The Health Sciences Division offers courses and programs in health care, wellness, and physical education.

Our programs help students prepare for employment in health care professions. Courses may be used toward completion of a certificate or an associate’s degree, and courses may transfer to other colleges and universities.

Health Sciences Division CM2313
Phone: (810) 762-0317
Fax: (810) 762-5619

Humanities Division

Courses in the Humanities Division are among the most popular at Mott Community College. All areas of study require students to obtain certain skills that the Humanities Division offers. Many of the general education courses required by four-year colleges and universities may be acquired within the Humanities Division and are fully transferable.

  • Composition and Creative Writing
  • Composition for Technical Fields
  • Literature
  • Speech Communication
  • Radio and Television, Film
  • Foreign Languages
  • English as a Second Language
  • Philosophy
  • American Sign Language
  • Sign Language Interpreter Education
  • Reading and Developmental Writing to improve students’ existing skills

Humanities Division CM1101
Phone: (810) 762-0470
Fax: (810) 232-9478

Science and Math Division

The Science and Math Division offers courses and programs in the natural sciences and in mathematics. These courses help students develop skills in:

  • Thinking scientifically and mathematically
  • Using the scientific method
  • Applying natural laws and theories
  • Examining components of the living world
  • Determining the interaction of these components with the physical world

Courses offered by Science & Math may transfer to other colleges and universities and can be used toward the completion of associate’s degrees.

Science & Math Division Gorman1001
Phone: (810) 762-0284
Fax:( 810) 762-0466

Technology Division

The Technology Division at Mott Community College offers Certificates and Associate Degrees in Design, Manufacturing and Service Industry specialties as well as Computer and Information Technology courses and degree programs.

These courses and programs are for students seeking marketable, entry level skills and for those already employed who are seeking additional education options in the rapidly changing technologies.

These programs and courses:

  • Prepare students to enter the job market
  • Provide apprentice training
  • Offer courses that may transfer to other colleges and universities.

Technology Division RTC2700
Phone: 810-762-0500
Fax: 810-232-2676

Southern Lakes Branch Center - Fenton

We’re here to serve you with a college in your neighborhood!

Whether you want a two or four year degree, to upgrade or learn new job skills, or to enrich your life by taking a class or two, you’ll find SLBC has the same excellent quality classroom instruction and services provided on the main MCC campus.

SLBC is the exclusive MCC site for Occupational Therapy Assistant, Physical Therapist Assistant, Fire Technology and Law Enforcement Training Academy (L.E.R.T.A. - Police Academy).

Mott Community College
Southern Lakes Branch Center - Fenton (SLBC)
2100 W. Thompson Rd.
Fenton, MI 48430

Phone: (810) 762-5000
Fax: (810) 750-8588

Lapeer Extension Center - Lapeer

Mott Community College has offered classes in Lapeer since 1989 and the current facility has been open since 1993. The MCC-Lapeer site now offers classes four semesters each year and issues more than 5,000 grades annually. Many new and upper-level classes continue to be added to the schedule.

Lapeer area students can complete many basic educational requirements close to home. Recent improvements to parking lots, restrooms, and classrooms reflect Mott’s continued investment in the Lapeer community.

Lapeer Extension Center:
550 Lake Drive Suite A
Lapeer, Michigan 48446
Phone: (810) 667-4166
Fax: (810) 667-4170

Northern Tier Extension Center - Clio

MCC has what you need. Whether you want a two or four year degree, to upgrade or learn new job skills, or to enrich your life by taking a class or two, you’ll find the same excellent quality of classroom instruction and services found on the main campus. A well rounded selection of general education, transfer, and program courses are offered at NTC.

Northern Tier Center-Clio
4082 W. Vienna Rd.
Clio MI 48420
Phone: (810) 232-8044
Fax: (810) 686-9706

Regional Technology Center/M-TECSM Michigan Technical Education Center

M-TEC facilities represent a partnership between the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, the local Workforce Development Board, local business/industry, the community,

The RTC/M-TEC is designed to offer a complete solution to training needs by helping companies:

  • Identify specific training needs
  • Develop training programs to meet those needs
  • Evaluate Training Programs

Employee Benefits:

  • Raise general educational level
  • Update existing skills
  • Retrain for new work assignments

Employer Benefits:

  • Provide professional skill development
  • Reduce employee turnover
  • Access training at competitive rates

The Flint M-TEC is located on the college’s main campus. This location ensures that business focus is maintained in all areas of our operation.

Regional Technology Center-MTEC
1401 E. Court St.
Flint, MI 48503
Phone: (810) 762-0278
Fax: (810) 762-0190

Livingston Center - Howell

MCC’s Livingston Center offers a wide range of Certificate programs and Career Enhancement short courses in a variety of subject areas.

Classes are offered in flexible formats:

  • Traditional classroom settings.
  • Open Entry/Open Exit classes - self-paced and begin/end on your schedule.
  • Thousands of online courses from the world’s greatest authors and companies on nearly every subject imaginable!

Livingston Center
1240 Packard Drive
Howell, MI 48843
Phone: (517) 552-2163
Fax: (517) 548-0784