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2016-2017 Archived Catalog 
2016-2017 Archived Catalog

Paramedics (Graduate), A.A.S.

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Associate in Applied Science
Health Sciences Division

Program Code: PARA2

Office: Curtice-Mott Complex CM2313

Phone: (810) 762-0317

This program is for those who have completed a paramedic program at a hospital. A paramedic is an ambulance attendant responsible for advanced emergency care in a pre-hospital setting and transportation of the sick and injured to a hospital.

Eligibility Requirements:

  1. Completion of a paramedic program at Genesys or McLaren Regional Medical Center which has been approved by the Department of Consumer and Industry Services (25 credits).
  2. Conviction of a criminal offense may make graduates of the Graduate Paramedic Program ineligible to take their licensure exam. All applicants for a health profession license or registration in Michigan are required to submit fingerprints and undergo a criminal background check. In addition, some clinical sites require students to complete criminal background checks and submit to drug screening procedures prior to the clinical experience. All background checks and drug screenings are at the student’s expense.
  3. Pre-requisites: Must place at college level reading on the MCC placement test, or successfully complete RDNG 030  or ENGL 100  .

Occupational Specialty Courses

  • 25 credits transferred from McLaren Regional Medical Center and Genesys Hospital Credits 25 / 0 Contact Hours

Group Total: Credits 25 / 0 Contact Hours

Related Requirement Courses

Group Total: Credit 1 / 1 Contact Hours

Related Requirement Courses - Select one option

Recommended Elective Courses

  • Any ECED, ECES course

Group Total: As needed

General Education Requirements (minimum of 18 credits required)

Social Science (3 credits)

Mathematics (3-4 credits)

  • Test out by placing into MATH 120  or higher on the MCC Placement Test OR Complete any 100 level or higher Mathematics course with a 2.0 or higher Credits 3-4 / 3-4 Contact Hours

Group Total: Credits 18 / 18 Contact Hours

Computer Competency Requirement

Beginning 2016, demonstration of computer competency is a degree requirement at Mott Community College

Computer competency can be demonstrated by one of two ways:

NOTE: Some programs require taking COMG-153; for these programs, the Test-Out option is not available. For those programs that do not require COMG-153, the competency test-out option is available and can be taken in the Academic Testing Center, located on the 3rd floor of the Mott Library.

Program Total: Credits 65-70 / 71-74 Contact Hours


  1. All course and degree requirements must be met
  2. 15 credits minimum must be earned at MCC
  3. Minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0

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