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2016-2017 Archived Catalog 
2016-2017 Archived Catalog

ART.-259 Conceptual Book Design

Credits 3 / 6 Contact Hours
Prerequisites: Placement into RDNG-030  (ACSR-030) or completion of RDNG-016 , ACLT-075  or ACLT-076  Pre-requisite: ART.-146  with a minimum grade of 2.5.
The focus of this course is on the development of multi-faceted projects in which the book is explored as an art form; a means of self-expression that encompasses principles of both 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional design and color. Of interest to both fine arts and graphic design students participants will plan design and create a conceptual book that demonstrates the subject matter. Students will be encouraged to use both traditional and nontraditional materials in the creation of the project. Students will use the Art Area computer lab as well as other studios necessary for the final completion of this project. Internet access will be necessary for some aspects of project research and development.