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2016-2017 Archived Catalog 
2016-2017 Archived Catalog

ART.-243 Communication Design Across Cultures

Credits 3 / 6 Contact Hours
Prerequisite: Placement into ENGL-100  (ACSR-100) or completion of RDNG-030 , ACLT-075  or ACLT-076  . Prerequisite: Minimum grade 2.0 in ART.-242 
The focus of this course is on the examination of promotional and communication design across cultures. Students will develop two major projects that build upon research about cultures outside the students own. The student will develop an understanding of a target audience within this different cultural environment. The first project will be more international in scope. Both projects require research writing a creative strategy brief development of design concepts copywriting and completion of tightly produced comprehensives. Use of the computer lab will be required. Internet access will be necessary for some aspects of project research and development.