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2021-2022 Archived Catalog 
2021-2022 Archived Catalog

CADD-205 CADD Tool & Design Applications

Credits 4 / 6 Contact Hours
Pre-requisite: Placement into ACRD 080 ; Minimum 2.0 in CADD 203  
Students will apply tool design principles by completing design and detailing projects. Production tooling concepts are introduced with an emphasis on efficiency location clamping safety ergonomics automation and process capable tooling. This class will be conducted using the latest CADD technology and related peripheral output devices such as rapid prototyping direct to digital manufacturing and 3D visualization tools. This course will also explore the integration of process or fabrication tooling and machine controls.

Course Outcomes
1. Interpret a process sheet and identify required operational numbers, process dimensions, locations and clamping points and tolerancing information 2. Develop appropriate locating schemes utilizing given information 3. Develop appropriate clamping scheme that secures the part without distortion 4. Utilize commercially available tooling components to develop location and clamping schemes 5. Identify various standard jigs and fixtures 6. Design jigs and fixtures that produce consistent and acceptable parts 7. Analyze a design and determine its ability to create parts meeting customer expectations 8. Calculate the allowable tolerance that a jig, fixture or gage may consume 9. Design gages to suit product dimensional/production requirements 10. Analyze GB&T requirements and properly design and size a functional pin gage