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2021-2022 Archived Catalog 
2021-2022 Archived Catalog

SLIE-230 ASL to English I

Credits 3 / 4 Contact Hours
Pre-requisite: Placement into College Level Reading, completion of ELAP-120 with a 2.0 or higher, or successful completion of ACRD-090, ACRD-091 or ACRD-092; SLIE-204  with a minimum grade of 3.0, SLIE-215  with a minimum grade of 3.0 SLIE-220  with a minimum grade of 3.0 and a MCC ASLRI Score of at least 2.75.
Information and knowledge gathered in prerequisite classes will be utilized to begin interpreting sign to voice. Role play situations assist in rehearsing the ethics interpersonal skills and proper protocol of the interpreter.

Course Outcomes
  • Students will exhibit a beginning to intermediate level of ASL comprehension, independent of the interpreting process, as measured by vocabulary quizzes and ASL text analysis.
  • Students will apply all facets of the ASL to English interpretation process (comprehension, processing, and output) to their interpreting practice as measured by book quizzes, video self analysis, and video projects.
  • Students will construct grammatically correct, native sounding spoken English that matches the ASL source/speaker in prosody, intent, and register as measured by video projects and in class interpreting practice.
  • Students will construct spoken English interpretations of ASL source messages with a beginning level of accuracy as measured by video projects
  • Students will apply appropriate teaming techniques to their ASL to English interpreting practice as measured by in class interpreting practice.