May 31, 2023  
2021-2022 Archived Catalog 
2021-2022 Archived Catalog

MAET-130 Live Event Production

Credits 3 / 3 Contact Hours
Pre-requisite: Placement into ACRD 080 . A USB flash drive is required for this class.
An introduction to the sound reinforcement and lighting skills needed to support a live event. Students will learn the fundamental concepts of organizing and maintaining a live stage infrastructure including microphone and cable installation creating a simple light plot light set-up operating mixing and lighting control boards and troubleshooting issues that arise in the live environment.

Course Outcomes
1. Install microphones and cables between audio components for live sound 2. Demonstrate, through completed assignments, an understanding of live signal flow 3. Identify and resolve the various conflicts that cause feedback 4. Demonstrate proficiency in choosing microphone and monitor positions 5. Demonstrate understanding of both active and passive live sound setups 6. Demonstrate understanding of wireless microphone setups 7. Demonstrate the fundamentals of stage lighting, using DMX, cabling, software, controllers, and how to use them in a live environment 8. Design a simple house plot.