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2021-2022 Archived Catalog 
2021-2022 Archived Catalog

ANTH-213 Introduction to Archaeology

Credits 3 / 3 Contact Hours
Pre-requisite: Placement into ACRD-090, ACRD-091 or ACRD-092, completion of ELAP-110 with a minimum grade of 2.0, or successful completion of ACRD-080. 
An introduction to the techniques methods and theories archaeologists use in interpreting the past and explores what archaeologists have learned about our human past. Students will also learn to apply this knowledge towards the interpretation of the material culture of prehistoric native cultures in the United States. Students will become familiar with archaeological research through readings literature research films software simulations and hands-on laboratory exercise. This course combines lecture and laboratory components.

Course Outcomes
1. Explain the role of archaeology in interpreting the cultural past 2. Explain the principles of archaeological investigation 3. Explain the principles of archaeological analysis 4. Explain the principles of archaeological interpretation 5. Explain what archaeology has revealed about human cultural development of native groups in the United States during the prehistoric period