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2021-2022 Archived Catalog 
2021-2022 Archived Catalog

CULA-207 Garde Manger II

Credits 6 / 6 Contact Hours
Pre-requisite: Placement into ACRD 080 FMG.-102  and CULA-101 . Note: Approved uniform required for this class.
Skills required for the garde manger department are refined. Emphasis is placed on eye appeal texture color contrast artistic touch harmony of combinations taste as well as the processing production and storage of ingredients. Ice carvings tallow salt dough pieces and mirrors for buffets are used and professional competition skills are enhanced. The students sense of speed timing and teamwork are emphasized.

Course Outcomes
1. Bake, decorate and assemble cakes, rolls and small cakes with 99% accuracy 2. Prepare piping jelly and use it in the decorating of cakes with 99% accuracy 3. Bake, decorate and assemble gateaux and tortes with 99% accuracy 4. Identify, mix with color, and decorate dessert items using marzipan with 99% accuracy 5. Identify and prepare fondant-icing, use on petit fours and other show desserts with 98% accuracy 6. Assemble ingredients for pastry creams and place on cakes for moisture and appearance with 100% accuracy 7. Assemble ingredients for Ganache and place between layers of cake to retain moisture and for appearance with 99% accuracy 8. Assemble ingredients for fudge, caramel, chocolate and melba sauces and prepare for service with 100% accuracy 9. Recognize ingredients used in the preparation of specialty desserts with 99% accuracy 10. Recognize recipes used for dessert buffets with 99% accuracy 11. Slice, plate and hold dessert for waiter/waitress service with 100% accuracy 12. Select ingredients and temper chocolate for use in desserts with 100% accuracy 13. Select food items to be dipped, molded and decorated with tempered chocolate with 99% accuracy 14. Assemble ingredients and follow procedure used in preparing pastillage with 99% accuracy 15. Prepare delicate chocolate decorations for cakes, tortes, and individual desserts with 98% accuracy 16. Identify spun and rock sugar and determine its use with 100% accuracy 17. Recognize sugar cages·, pulled sugar decorative items with 100% accuracy 18. Attend food show expositions and determine which pieces are produced by professional with 95% accuracy 19.Identify European-style dessert with 99% accuracy 20. Follow recipe and produce European-style cake with 99% accuracy 21.Identify and use tools for detailing food and decorating goods with 98% accuracy 22. Select ingredients, to control fat content, used in producing modern dessert items with 99% accuracy.