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2019-2020 Archived Catalog 
2019-2020 Archived Catalog

ENGL-253 The Bible As Literature

Credits 3 / 3 Contact Hours
Pre-requisite: Placement into RDNG-030 (ACSR-030), completion of ELAP-110 with a minimum grade of 2.0, or successful completion of RDNG-016 or ACLT-074 with a minimum grade of 3.0. Pre-requisite: Successful completion of ENGL-101  or ENGL-103  with a grade of 2.0 or higher.
This course examines the Bible as literature extending beyond an inspired word definition and forming a foundation for much of Western literature music and art. Students will learn literary concepts techniques and terminology applications. Please note that belief systems and theology are not the focus; rather the course investigates the Bible as a literary and historical text.

Course Outcomes
1. At a historical moment when religious conflicts and fears have become elements of everyday civic and political life in the U.S., citizens require the analytical tools to understand and contextualize, in critical fashion, the literature underlying much of the conflict. By looking critically at a range of Biblical books (sections), commentaries, and electronic texts, you will learn to read and interrogate the Bible critically and actively. At the end of the semester you should be able to explain some of the key linguistic ai1d ideological contexts underlying Biblical writings, thus expanding the scope and depth of your understanding of an important set of writings while using specific literary analysis terminology for discussing the work