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2019-2020 Archived Catalog 
2019-2020 Archived Catalog

ART.-295 Supervised Art Projects

Credits 3 / 6 Contact Hours
Pre-requisite: Placement into RDNG-016  (ACSR-016) is required. Note: Consent of the instructor and approval of Dean to register in this course. ART. 113   and ART. 114  are strongly recommended.
An individualized course providing the opportunity for in-depth study or work in an approved project on the studio art areas. Content will vary based on the project pursued by the individual students.

Course Outcomes
●       Students will demonstrate the ability to create quality, well-planned works of art with approval and limited supervision from their professor.

●       Visually demonstrate improvement of new and existing skills in the use of media associated with this course/the student’s intended area of focus.

●       For students to increase their ability to describe their artistic strengths, shortcomings, and areas of artistic growth.

●       Create artworks through creative explorations, experimentations, and research.

●       Increase problem solving skills in regards to artmaking and the overall artmaking process.

●       Demonstrate the ability to apply the proper amount of time to art making that is associated with being successful as a professional artist through self-direction and work ethic.

●       Produce and display works that exhibit high levels of craftsmanship and professionalism.

●       Utilize exposure to contemporary and historical artworks, as well as personal and global issues to create original, highly informed works inspired by research and other events.

●       Developing conceptual/communications skills in regards to subject matter, image choices, and other applicable artistic approaches to create works of art that are visually and conceptually interesting.

●       Continue to develop a greater understanding of time management in regards to project needs and restrictions associated with professional artmaking practices.