2019-2020 CURRENT Catalog 
    Jul 13, 2020  
2019-2020 CURRENT Catalog

SOCW-137 Substance Abuse Services and Policy

Credits 3 / 3 Contact Hours
Pre-requisite: Placement into RDNG-030 (ACSR-030), completion of ELAP-110 with a minimum grade of 2.0, or successful completion of RDNG-016 or ACLT-074 with a minimum grade of 3.0; Pre-requisite: SOCW-131 with a minimum grade of 2.0 or take SOCW-131 as a co-requisite.
This course addresses the paraprofessional and professional activities in the treatment of substance abuse. Substance abuse legislation and its impact on local and state programs in Michigan substance abuse treatment delivery systems are compared with those of other states.

Course Outcomes
1. Define paraprofessional and professional 2. Compare and contrast characteristics of paraprofessional and professional in substance abuse agencies 3. Discuss the effectiveness of paraprofessionals and professionals in agency work 4. Cite the advantages/disadvantages of para-professionalism 5. Demonstrate understanding of competing interests of paraprofessionals and professionals in substance abuse agencies 6. Identify and explain the impact of major state legislation as it affects local programs and staff 7. Identify and evaluate agency characteristics necessary for students to be successful 8. Identify and evaluate student characteristics necessary to be successful in agency settings