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2019-2020 Archived Catalog 
2019-2020 Archived Catalog

BAKE-104 Intermediate Cake Decorating

Credits 4 / 4 Contact Hours
Pre-requisite: Placement into RDNG-016  (ACSR-016); BAKE-103 . Note : Approved uniform required.
This course is designed to give the student an understanding of and the opportunity to use tools for the purpose of filling icing decorating and putting the finishing touches on decorated cakes. The student will learn to effectively decorate cakes using thin sheets of marzipan developing lattice royal icing pastallage poured sugar rock sugar spun sugar pulled and blown sugar tinting and using chocolate to decorate cakes.

Course Outcomes
1. Decorate cakes using butter cream icing with 95% accuracy 2. Decorate cakes using tempered chocolate with 90% accuracy 3. Decorate cakes using royal icing with 90% accuracy 4. Decorate cakes using Marzipan with 90% accuracy 5. Decorate cakes using white modeling chocolate with 90% accuracy 6. Decorate cakes using poured sugar with 90% accuracy 7. Decorate cakes using rock sugar with 90% accuracy 8. Decorate cakes using spun sugar with 90% accuracy 9. Decorate cakes using pulled and blown sugar with 90% accuracy 10. Decorate cakes using pastallage with 90% accuracy 11. Decorate cakes using gum paste with 90% accuracy 12. Decorate cakes using rolled fondant with 90% accuracy 13. Decorate cakes using gum glue with 80% accuracy 14. Determine number of serving’s cake with serve with 95% accuracy 15. Convert, measure, mix cake flavors with 95% accuracy 16. Determine dietary restrictions with 90% accuracy 17. Shape Cakes with 95% accuracy 18. Assembly cakes with 95% accuracy 19. Pipe various decorations on cakes using pastry bag and tip with 95% accuracy 20. Explain how butter cream compare with those made from chocolate or sugar work with 95% accuracy 21. Design multitude of possibilities using fresh fruit and flowers with 95% accuracy 22. Store ready-made cakes with 99% accuracy 23. Deliver and set-up cakes with 99% accuracy 24. Cut and determine the number of servings guests will receive from each cake with 95% accuracy 25. Calculate tier sizes and recipes with 95% accuracy 26. Calculate pan sizes for cakes with 95% accuracy 27. Determine the approximately amounts of cake syrup, and filling needed for various cake sizes with 95% accuracy 28. Calculate the circumference of a circle for a cake with 95% accuracy 29. Design and develop a cake order form/contract with 95% accuracy 30. Describe a basket weave pattern use to decorate cakes with 95% accuracy 31. Explain how to make chocolate ornament with 95% accuracy 32. Bake and decorate lemon-verbena-raspberry cakes with 95% accuracy 33. Bake and decorate Gianduja cake with 95% accuracy 34. Bake and decorate Mocha cakes with 95% accuracy 35. Bake and decorate Princess cakes with 95% accuracy 36. Bake and decorate Tropical coconut-mango cakes with 95% accuracy 37. Bake and decorate Tiramisu cakes with 95% accuracy.